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Most often, when we use Rsync to transfer large number of files in Cpanel, it may lead us to an error.

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Today, let us see how our techs go about this issue.


Rsync to transfer large number of files in Cpanel

When we use rsync to transfer an account with a large number of files, it can cause rsync to fail mid-transfer as rsync by default and uses incremental transfer to transfer the files.

Moving ahead, let us see how our Support Techs resolve this issue.

The steps we use to correct this issue is as follows:

Initially, when we run rsync, we must specify the flag –no-i-r.

We will see an example of the rsync command using the flag below.

After that, we can “push files” to a server from the current server we are logged into.

To do so, we use the following command:

rsync --no-i-r -avzP </home/User_being_Transferred> <user@server:/home/User_File_Destination>

Similarly, we “pull files” from a remote server to the server we are currently working on using the following command:

rsync --no-i-r -avzP <user@server:/home/User_being_Transferred> </home/User_File_Destination>

In the beginning, rsync will take time as it gets the full list of files. However, it will allow rsync to run successfully.

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In short, we saw rsync can cause an error when we use it to transfer an account. Today, we saw how our Support Techs perform this without causing the error.


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