Stay Safe and Stay at Home

Stay Safe and Stay at Home

22nd Apr 2020
ProHostGold rebooted

We are in the middle of a major overhaul of the web site, a new theme which will be more responsive a slimer then the old one.

We are also looking at revamping some of the products we sell, some prices will change for the better.

9th Apr 2018
Welcome to the Professional Web

Its where Professionals and Businesses are finding great names to take their presence online

.PW Sunrise is HERE! Register your domain and protect your brand

For more information go to

16th Jan 2013

This week we have updated ModSecurity and the rules it uses, ModSecurity helps stop many types of hackers and spammers, if ModSecurity detects many forms of SQL injection, XSS, code injection, recursion, etc,  antimalware, useragents Looks for malicious or suspicious user agents and known patterns of malicious activity, Antispam Tuned ... Read More »

30th May 2012
Happy Mothers day

Don't forget it's mothers day today.

18th Mar 2012
Dedicated IP's

Fancy having a dedicated IP for your online shop? contact us and we can provide you with one.

13th Mar 2012
It's Friday re

Only a few hours left to get 50% off all hosting accounts.

11th Mar 2012
It's Friday

As it's the end of the week you can get 50% any hosting package if you order before 12 noon on sunday the 11th of march 2012.


Enter code FRIDAYPROMO whn making your oder.

9th Mar 2012
Email Plans

We have added six new email only plans, base plan starts at £1 per month.

7th Mar 2012
It's Friday

It's Friday once again, hope your all going to have a great weekend and the weather stays nice, this week we had 100% uptime once again.

2nd Mar 2012