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You can provide high-quality products and services for your customers all day long – but it won’t help you much unless these customers feel that it’s timely and relevant to them. That can be challenging. However, considering the amount of data and insights we have nowadays, you can cater your products and services to your […]
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Personal data, in the digital space, is synonymous with CVV or card pin protection. It’s part and parcel of the virtual web, giving no room for compromise when it comes to its safekeeping. So, why is there a big fuss about data privacy protection? To understand why it needs shielding, it’s prudent to understand what […]
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With many activities carried out in the business environment taking place digitally, the amount of sensitive and confidential data that organizations use and store is also increasing. The protection of private data in medical fields, which can be considered as one of the most sensitive of these data, has also gained great importance. In this […]